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What is Officina Emilia

Officina Emilia is an initiative of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which promotes active knowledge of the local socio-economic and technological context, with particular regard to the mechanical industrial district of the region Emilia-Romagna.
The multi-functional interactive museum-workshop of Officina Emilia offers an opportunity for visits, research and hands-on laboratories for students of all age groups in order to promote a better understanding of the local industry, and involve and motivate to the study of science and technology as essential support for promoting economic and social growth.

The issue of the regeneration of competences, in particular in the mechanical industry, is addressed by Officina Emilia (henceforth OE) as a crucial one in order to re-examine the interweaving of education, innovation and local development in the SMEs production systems. The project, aimed at the education and training systems, is designed to enhance the industrial culture in order to strengthen technical and scientific education. First sponsored in 2000 by the University of Modena & Reggio Emilia (Italy), over the last years OE has gathered the support of local actors dealing with the themes of training, culture, and local development. In 2009 it opened its “museo laboratorio” (“workshop museum”) in which teaching activities promote an interest in the themes of work, technologies and the socio-economic development of the territory among the students and teachers of schools of all types and levels.

At present, the workshop-museum is divided in six sections: a display of historical machine tools, a tooling workshop with working machines, a true to life video on work in light engineering industries entitled “I luoghi, le persone, le macchine, il lavoro” (“Places, people, machines and work”), the “log book” section, the “metrology room” and the “room of the innovations”.

The workshop-museum is not simply a museum with exhibits featuring hands-on experiments, but a workshop in which to gain an understanding of the functioning of technologies, of the organizational models of production, and of the social relationships that underpin the production and innovation processes in the light engineering industry. The focus on this branch of industry is due to its importance for technological convergences, transversal to the industrial structure of the region as well as for its importance in economic terms, on a regional, national and international level.

The involvement of class groups, of teachers and other visitors takes place through active learning practices that foster motivation and develop a sense of belonging which is likely to lead to a more profitable educational experience, both secondary and tertiary, as well as to contribute to improving career prospects. Thus Officina Emilia proposes innovative action on a local level, allowing for the implementation of effective teaching practices as well as the broadening and consolidation of best practices which might support a society-wide trend towards maintaining a high demand for a better quality of education and the ability to provide it.

From 1 October 2014, the venue is closed and all the materials are stored in a warehouse of the University, pending for resettlement.
All past and current research activities are accessible through this website. Documents on educational services, designed and tested by Officina Emilia, can be browsed and dowloaded at  (www.officinaemiliaconlescuole.it).

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Documents (English version)

Robotics workshops and Contextualised Technological Education programme
Paola Mengoli, Margherita Russo, in Terence Hogart (ed.) Economy, employment and skills: European, regional and global perspectives in an age of uncertainty, QFB Quaderni Fondazione G. Brodolini 61, 2018, pp. 173-193

A Hybrid Space to Support the Regeneration of Competences for Re-indutrialization. Lessons from a Research-Action
Paola Mengoli, Margherita Russo, in F. Montanari, F. Sgaragli, D. Teloni (eds.) Cities as engines of innovation and inclusive growth. A Transatlantic Journey EU-USA, QFB Quaderni Fondazione G. Brodolini 59, 2017, pp. 39-53 | isbn 9788895380421

HOMM_ICT for hands-on multi-media laboratories in museums: an initiative to support lifelong learning and the regeneration of competence networks
since 2011, the initiative is promoted by the partnership of Officina Emilia and Crafts Museum (New Delhi)

The Officina Emilia Initiative: Innovative Local Actions to Support Education and Training Systems
Paola Mengoli, Margherita Russo
Materiali di discussione Dipartimento di Economia Politica, n. 396, 2009

The Assessment of Officina Emilia Initiative
Paola Mengoli, 2009

Documenting work through videos. A project by Officina Emilia with nine mechanical firms in the province of Modena
edited by Margherita Russo, 2010
with texts by Margherita Russo, Filippo Tantillo

A Consensus Building Process and an Architectural Competition for the Future of the Old Foundry
Rossella Ruggeri
Paper at TICCIH Congress 2009, Freiberg

Skills, innovation and local development
Paola Mengoli and Margherita Russo
English version of WP 297, 2000

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Activities with schools

OE and schools. Proposals for schools, teachers and students_School Year 2010-2011

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Schede imbullonate_english version [cards that visitors can collect during the visit at Officina Emilia]

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Extracts from "Seeking work far from home"
Running time: 8'14''
Production: giugno 2009
Content: the video collect stories about immigration in Modena over the last fifty years
Participants: Theresa Attuquaye, Cosimo (Mino) Carrozzo, Yawo Galli, Teodoro Paganelli, Arnegilda Pasqualini, Mohamed Rizki, Sergio Santi, Michele Scarinci, Francesco Simonetti, Antonio Zito
Planning and hosting of the interviews: Anna Maria Pedretti e Rossella Ruggeri
Shooting and montage: Sara Pozzoli

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