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Documents (English version)

Robotics workshops and Contextualised Technological Education programme
Paola Mengoli, Margherita Russo, in Terence Hogart (ed.) Economy, employment and skills: European, regional and global perspectives in an age of uncertainty, QFB Quaderni Fondazione G. Brodolini 61, 2018, pp. 173-193

A Hybrid Space to Support the Regeneration of Competences for Re-indutrialization. Lessons from a Research-Action
Paola Mengoli, Margherita Russo, in F. Montanari, F. Sgaragli, D. Teloni (eds.) Cities as engines of innovation and inclusive growth. A Transatlantic Journey EU-USA, QFB Quaderni Fondazione G. Brodolini 59, 2017, pp. 39-53 | isbn 9788895380421

HOMM_ICT for hands-on multi-media laboratories in museums: an initiative to support lifelong learning and the regeneration of competence networks
since 2011, the initiative is promoted by the partnership of Officina Emilia and Crafts Museum (New Delhi)

The Officina Emilia Initiative: Innovative Local Actions to Support Education and Training Systems
Paola Mengoli, Margherita Russo
Materiali di discussione Dipartimento di Economia Politica, n. 396, 2009

The Assessment of Officina Emilia Initiative
Paola Mengoli, 2009

Documenting work through videos. A project by Officina Emilia with nine mechanical firms in the province of Modena
edited by Margherita Russo, 2010
with texts by Margherita Russo, Filippo Tantillo

A Consensus Building Process and an Architectural Competition for the Future of the Old Foundry
Rossella Ruggeri
Paper at TICCIH Congress 2009, Freiberg

Skills, innovation and local development
Paola Mengoli and Margherita Russo
English version of WP 297, 2000

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